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Jonas Koffler

Jonas Koffler

A social anthropologist and writer with a passion for art, music, and the power of story, Jonas is based in Austin, TX, where he produces, writes, and works as a media consultant on Koffler Pictures projects.

As a writer, his work and interviews have been featured in numerous outlets including the New York Times, and he has spoken at conferences such as South by Southwest and the Future of Work and at venues like The Wharton Club.

Jonas has contributed to numerous books and is a New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestselling coauthor of HUSTLE (Rodale USA/Penguin Random House UK), a book about surfacing our talents, discovering what we love to do and navigating opportunities in life. He has been published in more than a dozen languages globally.

He is a stroke survivor, yoga teacher, and cofounder of a digital health company focused on functional, root-cause resolution of mental and emotional health challenges.

He leads workshops for everyone from students to US Armed Forces veterans returning from active duty, professionals and executives on self-care, improvisation, creativity, and resilience. The tragic loss of his younger brother to suicide in April 2018 has only solidified his commitment to empowering empathy and inspiring the well-being of others.

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